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Available Puppies

COMING SOON !!!  SPRING, SUMMER, FALL 2023!  Toys and Minis! Get on our waitlist!


No puppies available at this time

Litters coming soon!

Please look at our planned and upcoming litters page and get on our official puppy waitlist !! We expect to have several litters of beautiful puppies - Toy and Mini size - in Spring, Summer and Fall 2023.


What to expect....

American Eskimo Dogs are absolutely a breed like no other, and in our opinion, no other dog comes close to the beauty and personality of this breed.  However, not every dog breed is suited for every owner.  American Eskimo Dogs are meant to protect and alert their owners of any visitors to their home, and they do this well.  In our experience, they are not "yappers" but will let their needs be known.  Their double coats are amazingly easy to keep clean but regular brushing (several times a week) is important to keep the coat healthy and mat free.  We are always happy to share any information about feeding and grooming.  

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