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At Fire'N'Ice Eskies - Toy & Mini American Eskimo Dogs - We take breeding these amazing dogs very seriously with our primary goal always to produce healthy, happy, social puppies.  Of course, they are also gorgeous!  


We met our first American Eskimo, a mini rescue female named Mika, in 2005, and our lives were forever changed.  We learned quickly that this breed is something very special indeed.  Their personalities are absolutely engaging and we swear they believe they are human.  They are active, but they also can settle down well.  They thrive on playing with each other as well as with their human family.  They are very observant and watch what we do.  Their gorgeous white double coats are  amazingly resistant to dirt, and brushing them regularly not only keeps their coats beautiful, they love the time together.  After Mika crossed the Rainbow Bridge, we knew we would honor her memory with another American Eskimo.


Our first addition was from Barbara Beynon's Kennel, Sunfall's The Smoke Jumper, "Kota", who was the first of what would become our pack, a gorgeous mini male that was just needing to be shown.  And so another adventure started, and we learned about the show ring.  After Kota, we added two beautiful toy females from Carolyn Jester, Frostiwyt Angel's Silver Lace, "Lacey" and then Frostiwyt Saucy's Sweet N Sassy, "Sassy".  We added Sassy and Kota's daughter Fire N Ice Tsarina Anastasia, "Stasia", a female toy to the pack, and then there were four.  We travelled to Vancouver to add two beautiful mini/toy puppies from Kellie McBride James, Wynnerias Fire N Ice Sure Shot, "Atlas" and Wynneiras Fire N Ice Star Shot "Athena". Our final additions took us to British Columbia to obtain 3 gorgeous dogs from Chelsea Brearis, CB's Fire N Ice Warrior for Peace "Alessia", CB's Fire N Ice Blue River "River" and CB's Fire N Ice Singing in the Rain "Rain".  We chose all our dogs for health, genetic diversity, temperament, confirmation and of course we think they all are absolutely beautiful!

We are both medically trained and have transferred our knowledge and skills to try to ensure the very best for our puppies regarding health, genetics, socialization, neurodevelopment and placement with a well-matched forever family.  We test for all the known genetic disorders including PRA, PLL and DM.  Our dogs are also reviewed formally through the OFA at age 2 for Hips.  We also use the COI to determine appropriate pairings for the best outcomes in our litters.  Our dogs are all AKC and UKC registered.  Every puppy comes with a one-year warranty for health.  We love each and every one of our puppies and know you will too!  We look forward to having you join us as part of the Fire'N'Ice Family!


Guiding Mission

At Fire'N'Ice Eskies - Toy & Mini American Eskimo Dogs, we continue to care about our puppies for the rest of their lives.  As such, it’s our strict policy to only sell to individuals and families that have been carefully reviewed for the best possible match of puppy and new family.  We sell both to Show Homes as well as Pet Homes although Show Homes get priority for Show-level Puppies.  To make sure our puppies get the forever home they deserve, we carefully interview all potential owners by questionaire as well as phone/zoom. Contact us to find out more about the process or to get on our waiting list.

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