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Deposits, Fees, What to Expect

At Fire'N'Ice, we take the breeding of American Eskimo Dogs - miniatrue and Toys - very seriously.  It is a lot of work, and of course, a lot of fun.  The testing and important tests prior to and during pregnancy are expensive, but critical for the very best outcomes.  Our females will have an ultrasound at about 4 weeks gestation to confirm pregnancy (and get a good guess at the number of puppies).  They will have an x-ray about 3 days before delivery to confirm the number of puppies to be delivered and that the size is safe for the female to deliver on her own. Testing and registering puppies as well as vaccinations and early neurological stimulation and desensitization is all a part of what we consider standard practice at Fire'N'Ice Eskies.  Your puppy will have several exams and their first set of vaccinations before going home.  Your puppy will also be AKC and UKC dually registered.  And they will be microchipped for their safety if they are separated from you.  We ensure that our sires and dams are genetically tested as per the recommendations.  This included DM, PR, PLL, Brucellosis, OFA.  Showing our dogs is also expensive but it holds us to a very high bar when breeding.  Breed standards are in place for a reason, our dogs complete very well in the ring.  Toys and Miniatures have fairly small litters - most often only 2 or 3 puppies.  The cost of breeding is therefore a much higher percentage of the fee than for dogs who have larger litters.  So our Toy and Miniature Eskies puppies are treasures indeed!

If you have decided that a little floof is meant to join your family, then please fill out the Puppy Waitlist Application as soon as possible.  The total cost of a Fire'N'Ice Toy or Miniature American Eskimo Puppy is as follows:

$ 200  Puppy Waitlist Deposit due once application approved

$ 800 Puppy Reservation due once a puppy is reserved

$ 2000 Balance of Puppy Fee Due once Puppy is picked up at about 10 weeks old or later.

If you are on the waitlist and there is not a puppy that matches your needs in the next planned litter (e.g. gender), your deposit will keep you on the waitlist so that you may match with a puppy in an upcoming litter.  

We do not expect health issues with our puppies, but in the very unlikely case that your puppy is determined to be unhealthy in the first year, we will replace that puppy at no cost and will be happy to care for the ill puppy.

The puppies will be so loved by us that it is only the joy in your face that will make with parting at about 10 weeks bearable.  If you ever decide that you cannot keep your puppy (or dog) for any reason, we request that you return the dog to our care so that we can make sure they transition well.  Once a Fire'N'Ice puppy, always a Fire'N'Ice Puppy. And you are an important part of that family. We hope you join us!

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